Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stay N Play Joins The Dog Gurus

We are very excited to announce that Stay N Play Pet Ranch has become a Charter Member of The Dog Gurus, an organization dedicated to keeping dogs safe while under the care of pet professionals. As an organization member, Stay N Play has taken the pledge to provide safe care and train staff in safe dog care. We have always worked hard at setting an example in the industry and will continue to carry that forward. The Dog Gurus's educational programs, Knowing Dogs 101 and Knowing Dogs 201, teach how to read dog body language and how to appropriately respond to what one sees such as aggression, timidity, etc. We are proud to have 12 Stay N Play staff members certified under the Knowing Dogs 101 program and 6 staff already certified under the Knowing Dogs 201 program. As there are far too many unfortunate incidents in off-leash dog parks, The Dog Gurus also provide safety information to the pet owning public. You can learn more at