Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents' Day Dog Trivia

Presidents' Day Dog Trivia: Abraham Lincoln had a dog named Fido who he doted on. The probably mixed breed yellow dog was an "inside dog" given the run of the Lincoln home. When circumstances (and Mrs. Lincoln) dictated that Fido not come to Washington DC when Lincoln was elected President, he found a new home for him with very specific instructions for Fido's new family to ensure his beloved companion would stay a beloved, doted on, inside dog. Abe even gave the new family the sofa that was Fido's favorite piece of furniture. Lincoln's sons were very upset that Fido would be left behind, so he arranged for Fido to be photographed so they could bring a reminder with them. Fido became the first Presidential dog to ever be photographed. And, yes, it's because of this Fido that "Fido" has become the go-to name for dogs. Lots more on Fido via: