Monday, August 8, 2011


Last week, we were thrilled to report that 4 animal/handler teams that went through the therapy dog training program at Stay N Play Pet Ranch passed their Delta Society Pet Partners therapy dog certification. One of the newly certified dogs is Gypsy, who proves that shelter dogs are not broken and how patience, love, and training can change the life of a dog – a dog who will now positively impact the lives of countless others as a certified therapy dog.

After a very rough start in life, Gypsy was rescued from an Orlando, Florida shelter by Vincent and Debbie, who call themselves “the lucky people who got to adopt her.” Gypsy had obviously undergone some terrible mistreatment and was very timid and afraid (particularly of men). She had very few "real world" skills -- did not know how to get in and out of a car, did not know about sliding glass doors (smacked right into her new home’s glass patio door about three times before she figured it out), was not good at playing, and had a hard time with stairs.

But with kindness and patience, Gypsy learned those skills and, through it all, Vincent says, “she has been a beautiful companion to Debbie and myself since the very beginning.” While still living in Florida, Gypsy earned her Canine Good Citizen award in early 2010. When the family moved to the Austin area, Gypsy began additional training at Stay and Play Pet Ranch and she entered the world of being a therapy dog. In July 2011, Gypsy became a certified Delta Society Pet Partners therapy dog. Not one to rest on her laurels, she has already been doing therapy dog work at a local nursing home. She visits residents once a week and garnered a real fan club. She loves to be around people of all kinds. Although many visiting pet groups say to not dress your dog up, Gypsy truly likes her costumes, and they have brought much joy to the patients at the nursing home.

Cheers to Gypsy, you make all of us very proud!

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Gypsy is a certified therapy dog and an absolute angel to
the nursing home
residents she visits each week.