Thursday, December 2, 2010


For more information on Canine Touch call Stay N Play Pet Ranch today (512) 894-7387. What exactly is Canine Touch? Canine Touch practitioner Donna Burrow shares its history, purpose, and effects:

The origins of Canine Touch are based on a technique developed by Jock Ruddock. Jock had been working on a bodywork technique that would help balance the body and aid natural healing. While teaching this to chiropractors, doctors, and other body workers, he was asked if it would work on horses. He worked on one horse. The horse owner called the following week and asked if he could come back. When Jock arrived there were ten people and their horses waiting for him. Jock began developing the technique for horses, thus equine touch was born. While teaching in the Czech Republic, Jock met his future wife, Ivana who is a veterinarian. They were married in 1997 and together they have created this incredible modality, equine touch, that is being taught and used all over the world and has helped so many horses.

It was in June of 2000, while teaching in the US, Ivana noticed a little Jack Russell terrier whose back was arched and had a stiff hind leg. She performed “the move” along his spine. The dog seemed to enjoy it and when he rushed to greet his owner, Ivana noticed that he was able to move much better. She began to focus on dogs, refining the moves until Canine Touch was developed.

Canine Touch is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive hands-on modality which has the capability to affect the whole animal -- mind and body. It optimizes the function of the soft tissue, balances the nervous system, and positively affects the body’s energetic system. This allows the potential for natural healing to operate at both physical and emotional levels.

One of the primary goals and an extremely important part of Canine Touch is relaxation. When the animal is relaxed, stress is decreased and the body triggers the release of significant substances and hormones that are crucial to healing. Relaxation is truly the prerequisite to healing.

Canine Touch targets the soft tissue which is often the source of problems and pain that affects the whole body negatively. When the process is applied gently over the fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments, positive structural and functional changes take place in the soft tissue. When applied synergistically, the technique can release tight muscles, as well as, improve blood and lymphatic flow. It also allows for neuro-muscular re-education and increased awareness of the nervous system.

Canine Touch is a wonderful, holistic way to help any dog. It is not only a modality for sick or injured dogs. Canine Touch is extremely beneficial for working dogs, service and therapy dogs, athletic dogs, puppies and aged dogs. The day to day activities of dogs causes their bodies, just like humans’, to become out of balance to some degree. Canine Touch is a wonderful restorative gift to give to our beloved, four legged friends.

Melody's sweet Emmett appears to be quite content with Canine Touch.