Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The holiday season is the perfect time of year for family and friends to come together to celebrate, eat, drink, and be merry. While many of us love festooning every inch of the house with colorful lights, sparkling tinsel, and never-ending bowls of chocolate, we must always remember to make special preparations for our four-legged family members. The following tips should help make this holiday season a safe and fulfilling for everyone.

Keep those paws out of the candy dish. Although chocolate can be irresistible and even soothe the human soul, it can also make your pooch very sick. Make sure all chocolate is stored out of reach from pets.

De-stress a house full of guests.
The holidays are often filled with family and friends coming in and out of your house all day, everyday. Pets have a tendency to get very excited and stressed with the constant crowds of people. Have a room closed off where your pet can go to relax and unwind. Place blankets, food, water, and toys in the room and remember to check on your furry friend regularly.

Don’t be shocked! Hide all your extension cords. Christmas lights are one of the best indicators that the holiday season has finally arrived. However, extra cord and plugs can look like chew toys in the eyes of your pet. To play it safe, tape down or cover all the cords in and around the house to avoid shocks. Unplug all lights when you are not home.

Don’t keep the home fires burning.
Keep all candles out of reach and placed on high shelves. If you plan on lighting up the fireplace, always make sure to use a screen.

Don’t be down with tinsel town. This festive decoration can really brighten up a room, but it is not the safest for your pet. Hang your tinsel high and secure so your furry friend cannot get to it.

Bow wow book now! If you are traveling for the holidays and need to leave your pet at home, and you have not already done so, the time is nigh to hire a pet sitter or to secure boarding accommodations.

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