Tuesday, November 16, 2010


On Saturday, December 4, Stay N Play will offer a Free Canine Touch Demo for you and your dog. The demonstration by Donna Burrow, a Reiki Master, will use both canine touch and Reiki techniques during the demonstration. Canine touch is a hands on technique that promotes healing and relaxation and eases pain, stress, anxiety. Similarly, in Reiki treatment, your hands are placed lightly on or near the dog's body with different hand positions used depending on the condition being treated.

And, yes, we know you're thinking, “But I rub and pat my dog every day!” But canine touch, like reiki and perhaps the more familiar pet massage, is much more than patting or rubbing.

Canine touch and reiki are effective in helping a pet’s innate ability to self-heal physically as well as to heal emotionally. Dogs are emotional and can experience pain, loneliness, and anxiety. Their behaviors reflect their feelings associated with past experiences. Indeed, those who began their lives receiving touch are healthier, happier, and more willing to accept training.

With the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays, there is no better time to learn more about the calming, healing powers of canine touch and reiki -- for you and your pet!

The Free Canine Touch Demo on Saturday, December 4 is from 2pm - 3pm at Stay N Play Pet Ranch. Please call us at (512) 894-7387 to reserve your space!